The JS Medicina Electrónica® management, which do DESIGN, MANUFACTURING, SELLS, SUPPORT AND TECHNICAL SERVICE OF OUR EQUIPMENTS, REAGENTS AND QUALITY CONTROLS FOR IN VITRO DIAGNOSTICS OF GENERAL USE, consider that is fundamental for all of the organisation the obtention of this objetive:

  • To offer quality products and services, as a means to obtain the satisfaction of our clients and the continuos improvement of our management system.

To this end, the following guidelines are determined:

  • Satisfy the requirements of our clients, respecting legal and regulatory aspects.

  •  Maintain update our products, services and their process associated, to be more competitive, facilitating the access of the clients to our organisation.

  • Promote the permanent development of human and technical means.

  • Provide the products and services required in time and quality agreed.

  • Include the suppliers in our system of quality management.

The Js Medicina Electrónica® management, supports and periodically reviews the system and request all the staff to collaborate and comply with the guidelines it provides, within the scope of their respective competencies and responsibilities.

This management is aware that the last responsibility to obtain the quality objetives proposed is yours, and in that way it provides and will provided all the necessary means to reach them.